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Up at Dawn Bakery

UAD is a Bakery Manufacturer of mini muffins for many major brands. They are a high-volume
production facility that employs approximately 100 employees working typically 24 hours a day 5-6 days per week.

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True Essence Foods

True Essence Foods is an innovative food technology company that brings out the best flavor experience of all-natural raw ingredients like chocolate, herbs, and spices. The company creates its food products with less waste, less refrigeration needed, and less shipping weight which makes True Essence Foods a truly environmentally conscious company.

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Since its inception in 1999, Eurobake Bakery has established its reputation in the confectionery market, supplying pastries and desserts to various grocers, specialty stores, and ethnic markets across ten Western states, with a presence that continues to expand.

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Munot Plastics

Munot Plastics is a family owned and operated plastic containers and packaging  business that was incorporated in 1963. The name of Munot comes from the famed Munot Castle in Schaffhausen Switzerland which is a symbol of stability, strength and endurance, just like Munot Plastics.

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Evolution Co-Pack

Evolution Co-Pack is a dedicated provider of co-packing and contract manufacturing solutions, specializing in the food and beverage sector. The co-packing company partners with businesses to bring their products to life, delivering top-notch manufacturing services at affordable costs.

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Finger Lakes Fish/Local Coho

Finger Lakes Fish produces local, sustainable seafood through innovative land-based farming using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technology. Finger Lakes Fish and LocalCoho have earned a prestigious “Best Choice” sustainability rating by The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

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EverSmith Organics

EverSmith Organics LLC, founded in 2019 by Ms. Samantha Smith, is dedicated to providing superior organic and natural products designed to enhance health and well-being. Following a deep dive into organic living and holistic and herbal medicine over 12 years, Ms. Smith has committed herself to a 100% organic lifestyle.

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Colorado Pet Treats

Colorado Pet Treats is a maker of high-quality exceptional pet treats. The company was founded in 1995 and is woman and refugee-owned. Their products are 100% natural, and contain no preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors or colors, grains or soy.

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Bushwick Tea

Bushwick Tea, a boutique tea brand, originates from both Brooklyn, New York, and the Brooklyn neighbourhood in Portland, Oregon. It’s a brand that has made its mark through its organic, artisanal teas. This small-scale tea producer is well-known for its dedication to offering a range of whole-leaf teas.

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