The Numilk Story

Numilk is an environmentally-minded plant milk company founded in 2017 that manufactures commercial and domestic plant milk machines and several flavors and types of plant milk mix. The unique process keeps tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and reduces landfill waste significantly over other plant milks while making a delicious plant milk drink.
Numilk has appeared on the television show Shark Tank and the company was funded by Mark Cuban. The unique system is loved and used in numerous cafes, restaurants, and home kitchens.

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“Supplier management is incredibly easy with FoodReady, as well as having all of our documentation in one place. HACCP plans are a lot less clunky and more concise and functional,”

Caroline Viteretto
Numilk QA Manager

Preparing for an SQF Audit

Numilk was looking to prepare for SQF certification as well as wanting the ability to perform and record micro testing, environmental monitoring, log receiving inspections, document management, and time and temperature controls.

Why Did Numilk Choose FoodReady?

We asked Caroline Viteretto the QA Manager of Numilk why they picked FoodReady and she told us – “It is very customizable, and intuitive, and seemed like a good fit for our business right from the start.”

Supplier Management

When asked what software features Caroline liked and used most, she told us – “Supplier management is incredibly easy with FoodReady, as well as having all of our documentation in one place. HACCP plans are a lot less clunky and more concise and functional.”

FoodReady = Cost Savings

Caroline anticipates that the addition of FoodReady food safety software is going to help their bottom line. “FoodReady prevents over-purchasing and over (or under) production. It makes forecasting easy,” Caroline Viteretto, Numilk Quality Assurance Manager.

FoodReady Process

Numilk  and FoodReady Consultants and software worked together help Numilk achieve its food safety goals.

Document Management

Existing documents are brought into the FoodReady system in preparation for the SQF certification process.

HACCP Plan and SOPs

FoodReady creates HACCP plans using the drag-and-drop HACCP and PC builder. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are also created for Numilk.

Checklists Created

FoodReady and Numilk create checklists for digital documentation and implementation of their food safety system.

Gap Assessment

Gaps in Numilk’s process are identified with the help of FoodReady.

Preparation for SQF Audit

FoodReady creates a Preventive Controls Plan, Recall Plan, and additional SOPs in alignment of SQF requirements.

Food Safety Plan and Staff Training

FoodReady implements our software and Numilk's food safety plan and also trains all of the employees on the completion and verification of checklists.

Sanitation and Maintenance Programs

Using the Task Scheduler and Checklists FoodReady creates sanitation and maintenance programs.

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