“All-in-One” Food Safety Managment Software

Use the power of automation to replace paperwork, excel spreadsheets, and reduce the time of personnel to manage your food safety systems.

Boost the efficiency of your food safety system with features designed to give you full visibility and control

Software and services that brings your quality and food safety system to life

HACCP / PCP Plan Builder

A process flow is the center of your food safety story in any food safety / HACCP plan to capture the steps you produce your products and perform your hazard analysis. Quickly create your plan with the visual, drag-drop process flow designer and comprehensive hazards database. Associate CCP Logs and checklists to process step controls.   For manufacturers, the process flow, associated logs, and checklists are automatically converted into the batch run process to track in the mobile app. For restaurants, the associated logs and checklists are automatically displayed in the mobile app per menu item.  

  • Drag-Drop Process Flow Designer.

  • 80+ HACCP / PCP Plan Templates.

  • Biological / Chemical / Physical Hazards Database.  

  • Implement Critical Control Point (CCP) Logs with Bluetooth Thermometer Integration.   

Quality and Operational Checklists

Use FoodReady pre-built checklist templates or the dynamic “drag-drop” checklist builder to digitize and automate your quality and operational daily, weekly, and monthly tracking needs.  Enables organizations to easily replace their manual spreadsheets.                

  • Easy ‘Drag-Drop’ Checklist Builder with Custom Controls such as Conditional If / Then Logic, Multi-Select Drop Downs, Max-Min Temperature and Numeric Values, and more.
  • Replace Excel Spreadsheets with “Grid View” Sheets available in the Mobile App.
  • Task Scheduling & Notifications.
  • Shipping and Receiving Logs and Inspections for Traceability.
  • Quality Control Signature Workflows for Deviations & Corrections.

Batch Management & Inventory Database

Easily configure and run batches based off of the compliance or certification requirements established from your HACCP/PCP plan to track CCP logs and quality and food safety checklists.  Formulate recipes and associate them with batch runs as a Bill of Materials list to establish supplier lot traceability.   Manage sales & purchase orders, qty on hand, and more with the inventory management database.   

  • Batch / Production Run Management With Associated CCP Logs and Quality & Food Safety Checklists.
  • Recipe Formulation, Bill of Materials, and Lot Traceability Management.
  • Track Quantity on Hand, Work in Progress, and minimum quantity alerts with Inventory Management.
  • Purchase Order and Sales Order Management.
  • Integration with Quickbooks™ .

Shipping and Receiving Traceability & Recall

Manage your lot traceability with shipping and receiving logs.  These logs are also associated with sales and purchase orders to track the inventory coming in from suppliers and going out to customers.  Develop recall plans and practice mock recalls which can be triggered by product complaint tracking.  The recall system is associated with lot numbers stored in the inventory database.   

  • Recall Plan & Mock Recall Management.
  • Product Complaint Tracking.
  • Receiving & Shipping Lot Traceability and Sales Order and Purchase Order Tracking.
  • Receiving GS1 Barcode Scanning.

Automated Supplier Document Management

Collecting and storing documentation from the suppliers of your ingredients is important to keep the food supply chain safe. You can use FoodReady’s online supplier management system to request and upload supplier files in one easy step. Simply select which files you’d like to request, and then FoodReady will send an email to your supplier on your behalf, at which time they can upload the file directly to your account.

  • Supplier Upload Portal
  • Easily manage hundreds or thousands of required supplier documents in one place.
  • Automatically emails suppliers with document requests.
  • Save months of effort managing hundreds or thousands of files.

Real-Time Monitoring and Verification Dashboard

The Monitoring feature allows you to view CCP and operational monitoring programs in one place. You can monitor temperature, moisture, color, or any other kinds of things in your facility as they occur in real time.  Managers can verify the data entries and initiate a Corrective Action Preventive Action Report if needed.  

  • Real-time list of CCP logs and checklists for Management Review.
  • Generate Corrective Action Reports and CAPA Logs to address Deviations.
  • Real-Time Notifications if Monitoring Limits are breached or additional reviews are needed.

Laboratory - Environmental Monitoring

Environmental sampling must be performed to meet the regulatory and audit standard requirements. The FoodReady app organizes potential biological hazards, sampling locations in high-risk areas, and a sampling frequency schedule.  The mobile app will display the testing schedule and unique swab IDs.  Swabs can be sent to our partner laboratory, Alliant Food Safety Labs, or any other laboratory of your choice.

  • Environmental Swabbing Documentation.
  • Organize Areas, Zones, Locations, Indicators, Pathogens, and Testing Frequency.
  • Testing Scheduler with Notifications and Reusable Templates.
  • Integration with Alliant Food Safety Labs and other 3rd Party Laboratories.
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Really enjoyed using Foodready software and mobile app, it’s so easy to use!

Gavin Currie – Power Food Distribution (Trading) Ltd

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Our simple process

Work with our team of certified experts and QA professionals to assess your current Food Safety Management System and identify gaps and opportunities where we can help based on your compliance and certification requirements.


Expert Team Analysis

Work with our team of certified experts and QA professionals to assess your current Food Safety Management System and identify gaps and opportunities where we can help based on your compliance requirements.


Configure Software

Our software and expert team will establish your Food Safety / HACCP plan, policies & procedures, operational checklists, supplier program, lot traceability, recall plans, batch & recipe management, inventory, and more.


Monitor Logs/Records

Be audit or inspection ready by maintaining checklists and logs with our FoodReady mobile app that lets you track daily records from anywhere. Verify all log activity with the Verification Dashboard.

Software that brings your quality and food safety system to life

Our software and services adapt to your requirements while ensuring compliance and certifications so that you can focus on serving your customers.

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