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Our USDA Consultant Will Help You Write and Implement Your HACCP Plan and Food Safety Program.

Are you concerned about an upcoming USDA inspection? Getting USDA approval can sometimes be a difficult ask. That’s where we come in. Our experienced USDA consultant will work with you to develop and implement your HACCP Plan and Food Safety Programs so you can meet USDA requirements for food safety.


Engage with an expedient process more affordable than traditional consulting. Supported by a unique combination of veteran food safety experts and software intelligence, we get your Food Safety / HACCP programs ready to stay ready for any GFSI, BRC, SQF, or Retail Audit, in addition to State, USDA, or FDA inspections.

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Meet the Lead of our Food Safety Consultant Team

Our Chief Food Safety Officer, Dave Seddon, is a longtime food safety auditor who has audited over 500 manufacturers for SQF certification, as well as GMP certification. Dave was named a finalist for the SQF auditor of the year by the SQF Institute.
Dave Seddon - Food Safety Consultant

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USDA Consulting Services

We’ll take care of scheduling, customizing your program, developing HACCP plans, checklists, reviewing your  documentation, helping you correct USDA violations and get you reach USDA compliance . We can also perform a gap assessment to identify areas for improvement and create necessary documentation for the USDA. Trust us to make your USDA approval process a breeze.
Do you also need help preparing for a 3rd-party audit? We have consultants for BRCSQFGFSIHACCPGMP Consultant as well as the USDA.

Get Your USDA Approval Plan Up and Running

Our team of HACCP certified and experienced food safety professionals excel in quickly and efficiently establishing and implementing your food safety program and HACCP plan to meet USDA standards! Save time and skip the hassle of doing it yourself. Trust our experts to customize a food safety solution tailored to meet your unique needs and the requirements of the USDA.

We Assist you with Implementing Your USDA Program

We’ll team up with you to actualize your USDA approval program, ensuring that you ace your next USDA inspection. But wait, there’s more! Not only do we offer top-notch USDA consultants to support you, we’ve also got a user-friendly mobile app that makes managing all your HACCP Plans and USDA food safety records a breeze! Stay on top of everything from checklists to traceability, to environmental monitoring— all at your fingertips!

How Can Our Food Safety
Management Software Help You?

USDA Compliance, Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Safety, and Approved Supplier Program.

HACCP / PCP Plan Templates

A full plan that includes process flow, hazard analysis, critical control points, and digital logs.

Operational Checklists

Create custom or use our library of facility opening, closing, inspection, sanitation, quality, checklists and more. Replace your Excel spreadsheets.

Batch & Inventory Database

Track your production runs, bill of materials, purchase orders, receiving & shipping traceability, inventory costs and more.

Traceability & Recall

Manage your lot traceability with shipping and receiving logs. These logs are also associated with sales and purchase orders to track the inventory.

Automated Supplier Document

Collecting and storing documentation from the suppliers of your ingredients is important to keep the food supply chain safe.

Real-Time Monitoring and Verification

The Monitoring feature allows you to view CCP and operational monitoring programs in one place. You can monitor moisture, or any other kinds of things in your facility as they occur in real time.

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Our Process For Helping You Obtain USDA Approval

The steps we take to help our clients pass an HACCP Plan audit:

Gap Assessment
This step is where we request and review the client’s existing documentation and facility and identify where the gaps exist and how to close the gaps to pass a successful USDA inspection.

SQF Document Development

This step is where we develop any new documentation including new or updated HACCP plans (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)-link to HACCP information and new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and create your recall management plan for food traceability.

Environmental Monitoring

This step is where we develop your environmental monitoring program including Listeria and Salmonella detection. FoodReady also has an easy-to-use mobile app that makes it easier to manage your environmental monitoring program

We Can Help you Develop Your Food Safety Documentation

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