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About Thanks Danks

In 2016, a vision was realized with the creation of Danks Beef Jerky. The aim was singular: to fashion the superior beef jerky, while preserving its characteristic flavor derived from high-quality beef. The ingredients, which are easily recognizable and likely found in any home kitchen, are sourced locally. The jerky is a pure beef product, free from unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, or complex preservatives. Furthermore, it’s a health-conscious option being both gluten and sugar-free. Only the finest cuts of grass-fed USDA Choice flank steak are chosen to create Thanks Danks Beef Jerky.

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“We are in the midst of our USDA adits and could not have survived any of the pre/post audit stuff without FoodReady,”

Jordan Danks
Owner of Thanks Danks

"Must Have" Software Features

The convenience of the checklists and the simplicity of incorporating new ingredients from the company’s deliveries are “must-haves” for Thanks Danks. This simplifies the process of cross-referencing batches and ascertaining what supplies are running low and need to be replenished.

The beef jerky company has been loving our user-friendly mobile app and they also anticipate cost savings with continued use of FoodReady. Thank you, Thanks Danks!

Help With HACCP and USDA Approval

Thanks Danks came to FoodReady because they needed a HACCP plan and needed help preparing for USDA approval for their beef jerky. They also needed a way to create and document procedures like SOPs so their beef jerky would be safe for their customers.

Jordan Danks co-owner of Thanks Danks told us when we interviewed him, “We are in the midst of our USDA adits and could not have survived any of the pre/post audit stuff without FoodReady.” Since that conversation Thanks Danks has indeed gotten USDA approval for their beef jerky

FoodReady Process

Thanks Danks worked with FoodReady Software and Consultants to achieve its food safety goals.

Creation of Custom HACCP Plan, SOPs, and Checklists

After subscribing to FoodReady food safety software and consulting, a custom HACCP plan, SOPs (standard operating procedures), and checklists were developed so Thanks Danks could get into a shared kitchen space and be ready for certification by the USDA. After four months the staff was fully trained in the FoodReady system and the HACCP plan, SOPs, and checklists were fully implemented.
Thanks Danks plans to achieve SQF certification as well as prepare for and pass a Costco audit and have plans to expand into their own facility. FoodReady is ready to assist!

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