Bushwick Tea

The Bushwick Tea Story

Bushwick Tea, a boutique tea brand, originates from both Brooklyn, New York, and the Brooklyn neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. It’s a brand that has made its mark through its organic, artisanal teas. This small-scale tea producer is well-known for its dedication to offering a range of whole-leaf teas. The goal has always been to enhance the tea-drinking experience by preserving the authenticity of high-quality organic whole leaves right from the source, coupled with a unique brand experience. A central focus has also been to make tea more accessible to everyone and foster community connections

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“The mobile app is the software most often used by our team, it is helpful for tracking incoming supplies, and managing production runs. Checklists ensure a consistent quality of product and attention to detail throughout the process,”

Ratesh Chopra
Bushwick Tea Owner

What Brought Bushwick Tea to FoodReady?

A supplier to Bushwick requested food safety information through FoodReady’s chat. After getting this information, the company researched FoodReady online and decided it could benefit from FoodReady’s food safety solution.

Bushwick needed to organize and streamline its processes and instill GMP and HACCP standards and FoodReady software and consulting had the features needed for success.

The Company is also preparing for the HACCP certification process in 2024 and plans to use FoodReady software to prepare for and pass the HACCP certification audit and other future audits.

Mobile App and Checklists

The Bushwick Team uses the mobile app for tracking incoming supplies and managing production runs. The FoodReady software checklists ensure the consistent quality and attention to detail that the Bushwick Tea production requires.

Transparency and Accountability

Bushwick Tea’s Owner Ratesh Chopra has told us the number one reason they use FoodReady food safety software is that it provides transparency and accountability to their business. FoodReady software is keeping them organized, professional, and reducing production costs.

FoodReady Process

Bushwick Tea worked with FoodReady Software and Consultants to achieve its food safety goals.

FoodReady Process

After consulting with FoodReady consultants, it was determined that Bushwick Tea needed a HACCP plan, SOPs, and Checklists to be compliant with their State regulations.

Creation of a Food Safety Plan

Dustin Steva, FoodReady Food Safety Consultant built Bushwick Tea a dry tea HACCP Plan, SOPs, and Checklists for the company.

Software Onboarding

After the creation of the Food Safety Plan, the staff were trained on how to use the software to log HACCP actions, follow SOPs and Checklists, use Batch Monitoring, and plan to use the software in the future for inventory.

Future with FoodReady

Bushwick Tea moved into a new facility and plans to continue to use FoodReady and expand the use of the software.

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