Gabriel’s Bakery

About Gabriel’s Bakery

Amilcar Alvarez, the founder and master baker of Gabriel’s Bakery, relocated to Portland from Peru in 1979, trading law school to be with his American wife. He started at a small French bakery where his passion for sustainable whole grains flourished. In 1987, Amilcar launched Gabriel’s Bakery, named after his newborn son. His baking style was influenced by his Latino background, French training, and his wife’s Jewish heritage, resulting in a delicious range of delightful breads and bagels. Today, his sons, Gabriel and Sandro, have joined the family business to continue their father’s legacy.

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“FoodReady is much cheaper than hiring a full-time QA specialist. It seems like there won’t be any problems as we scale, so I believe it will continue to save us money well into the future,” said Gabe Alvarez, Co-Owner of Gabriel’s Bakery.

GMP Preparation Needed

Gabriel’s Bakery needed to be compliant for a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit which required a HACCP plan. FoodReady was recommended to the bakery by a fellow business owner.

Cloud-Based and Mobile

Gabriel’s Bakery likes that the software is cloud-based so they don’t have to deal with a giant stack of binders, the mobile app was also a big draw for them, and the fact that the system can be accessed from any location. The Bakery employees including the delivery personnel enjoy using the mobile app which allows them to log actions from any location.

Less Expensive Than a QA Manager

The software is projected to be a cost-effective solution for the bakery by negating the necessity of retaining a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager on staff. Gabriel’s Bakery has observed a marked simplification in achieving and upholding food safety standards since implementing the FoodReady system. “It makes becoming/maintaining food safety compliance a breeze,” said Gabe Alvarez, Co-Owner of Gabriel’s Bakery

FoodReady Process

Gabriel’s Bakery worked with FoodReady Software and Consultants to achieve its food safety goals.

HACCP Plan, Checklists, and Training

FoodReady created two HACCP plans for Gabriel’s Bakery in preparation for a GMP audit. Checklists were created for the Bakery’s processes and procedures. Training was provided to the staff for running batches and completing checklists.

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