Munot Plastics

Company Summary

Munot Plastics is a family owned and operated plastic containers and packaging business that was incorporated in 1963. The name of Munot comes from the famed Munot Castle in Schaffhausen Switzerland which is a symbol of stability, strength and endurance, just like Munot Plastics.

Munot creates custom, durable, quality, plastic packaging for all types of businesses, including food and beverage manufacturing.

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Why Did Munot Plastics Choose FoodReady?

Munot Plastics found FoodReady online and when they saw the software demo they were impressed with the capabilities of FoodReady as well as the ease of use.

Munot’s food manufacturing customers required the company to become SQF certified to produce direct food contact plastic packaging.

The Company also wanted to maintain its ISO certification and needed a streamlined, digital, all-in-one food safety system to help it achieve those goals.


With the help of FoodReady food safety software and consulting, a food safety system was created and Munot Plastics passed its first GFSI audit (SQF) with minimal findings.

Obtaining GFSI certification will potentially bring Munot more and more direct food contact packaging clients in the future as well as ensure that their product maintains a high level of safety and quality.

When we asked Darcy Rees, Munot Plastics General Manager how she felt about their FoodReady experience and she gave us this quote,

“We like the customizable options and ease of use. The support that comes with it. We would not have been able to pass our audit without the support staff of FoodReady,”

Darcy Rees
Munot Plastics General Manager

FoodReady Process

Munot Plastics worked with FoodReady Software and Consultants to achieve their food safety goals.

Creation of Preventive Controls

Denice Beccard, a FoodReady food safety expert and consultant built a PC Plan for the Food Grade Packaging produced by Munot using our drag and drop customizable HACCP Plan Builder. Once the PC Plan was established the custom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) were created as well as the Recall Plan.

Checklist Builder

Relevant checklists were built and employed within the FoodReady software for use by Munot Plastics employees. The employees track their checklist actions in the FoodReady mobile app.

Traceability System

A traceability system was developed by incorporating data from Munot's existing IOS system.

Onboarding and Training Process

FoodReady software was implemented which included training all of the employees on the completion and verification of checklists.

Audit Preparation

FoodReady performed an internal audit (gap analysis) of Munot’s facility in preparation for the 3rd-Party SQF Audit which is a benchmarked standard of GFSI. Gaps in the system were identified and then were addressed prior to the scheduled audit.

Audit Support

Munot Plastics passed their 3rd-party SQF audit on their first attempt with only a few minor non-conformances which FoodReady then assisted Munot with the corrective actions. Munot Plastics is now a SQF Certified Facility.

Poised to Succeed

Munot Plastics has exceeded client expectations with a high score on their first time 3rd-party audit and is positioned to access new clients requiring GFSI status and will expand their business.

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