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True Essence Foods is an innovative food technology company that brings out the best flavor experience of all-natural raw ingredients like chocolate, herbs, and spices. The company creates its food products with less waste, less refrigeration needed, and less shipping weight which makes True Essence Foods a truly environmentally conscious company.

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Quest for SQF Certification

Amanda Turner, QA Manager was given the task of finding a software solution to help True Essence achieve SQF certification. After meeting with several software companies, True Essence decided that FoodReady was the best fit for their budget, and had the desired software features to make it possible for them to meet a strict timeline.

Traceability and Tracking

True Essence needed a user-friendly, adaptable, and mobile food safety process to move at the same pace as their growing company. Amanda told us – “The traceability FoodReady provided with recording, tracking, and the ability to search historical data was excellent to aid in our SQF goal.”

Checklists and Task Manager are “Absolute Favorites”

“Checklists and task manager are my absolute favorite parts of FoodReady. Checklists are extremely easy to make. I can adapt them to fit my team’s needs and change them at any time. The Task Manager is phenomenal. I love establishing reoccurring tasks, monitoring progress, and assigning the checklists that need to be completed for each task. This keeps my team accountable and gives me ease of monitoring,”

Amanda Turner
QA Manager

FoodReady Reduces Staffing Needs

When we asked Amanda if FoodReady has helped reduce any of True Essence’s costs, she told us – “FoodReady has given us the ability to hold off on hiring staff that I would have needed for document monitoring. If I did not have FoodReady then I would have needed to hire additional technicians and for our young company, it is a hard thing to do,” said Amanda Turner, QA Manager.

Mobile App Use

The True Essence operations staff actively uses the mobile app. Approximately a third of the staff uses the Spanish version of the mobile application.

Customer Service

What is Amanda’s favorite feature of FoodReady? “My number one reason for choosing Food Ready is the customer service. The speed of resolution and response to how-to questions is unmatched. FoodReady does a wonderful job of making me feel like a priority rather than an afterthought, “ said Amanda Turner, QA Manager.

FoodReady Process

True Essence Foods had their own food safety wishlist. FoodReady Consultants worked with our software and True Essence to help them achieve their food safety goals.

Gap Assessment

A gap assessment is performed to assess the True Essence process to identify and correct any missing steps for optimal food safety.

Document Management System

FoodReady implements document management in preparation for SQF certification.

Preventive Control Plans, SOPs, Recall Plan, and Checklists Created

Food Ready builds PC Plans for the ingredients produced by True Essence Foods using the HACCP Plan Builder. Standard Operating Procedures are created using the SOP A.I. Generator. FoodReady uses the Checklist Builder to create checklists for the company.

Software and Food Safety System Implementation and Execution

FoodReady software is implemented including training all of the employees on the completion and verification of checklists.

Development and Execution of Environmental Monitoring, Sanitation, and Maintenance Programs

FoodReady uses its Task Manager to create and implement Environmental, Sanitation, and Maintenance Programs.


A traceability system is developed and implemented by incorporating data from the existing IOS system.

SQF Guidance

Food Ready provided guidance and resources for the preparation of the SQF Certification Audit.

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