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Evolution Co-Pack is a dedicated provider of co-packing and contract manufacturing solutions, specializing in the food and beverage sector. The co-packing company partners with businesses to bring their products to life, delivering top-notch manufacturing services at affordable costs. The company prioritizes client requirements, crafting products that align perfectly with their vision. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Evolution ensures rapid and exceptional production. Evolution Co-Pack is committed to delivering unparalleled service and superior products to its clients.

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Needed GMP Certification

Evolution Co-Pack had a few clients who were requiring them to obtain GMP certification. After meeting with FoodReady, the co-packing business decided that FoodReady was a good fit for its food safety and inventory goals.

Inventory Management

When we asked Evolution what part of the software they like the most, Kim Nuttall the owner of Evolution Co-Pack told us,

“There are so many parts of the software that we absolutely love! The inventory is probably one of our favorite parts though,”

Kim Nuttall
Owner of Evolution Co-Pack

FoodReady Process

Evolution Co-Pack worked with FoodReady Software and Consultants to achieve its food safety goals.

FoodReady Trains Evolution Staff on Software

FoodReady food safety staff trained Evolution Co-Pack to build their own HACCP plan, Checklists, and SOPs with the FoodReady software. The Evolution staff had 4 sessions and then designed their food safety plans, checklists, and inventory management with some additional consulting with FoodReady.

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