Colorado Pet Treats

Company Summary

Colorado Pet Treats is a maker of high-quality exceptional pet treats. The company was founded in 1995 and is woman and refugee-owned. Their products are 100% natural, and contain no preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors or colors, grains or soy. Colorado Pet Treats are made from USDA and FDA-inspected meats and slow-roasted to perfection.

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SQF Help Needed

Colorado Pet Treats needed assistance preparing for an SQF audit as well as an FDA audit. They also wanted to update their programs to the latest edition of SQF. The company liked what it saw during the demo of FoodReady’s software and signed up for an Enterprise subscription.

GFSI Certified With FoodReady

FoodReady food safety expert Denice Beccard helped update Colorado Pet Treat’s food safety programs and assisted with their on-site GFSI (SQF) and FDA audits, which they passed with minimal findings.

Reasons Why Colorado Pet Treats Uses FoodReady - John Kasel, Colorado Pet Treats

Checklists for the Win.

When asked which software feature Colorado Pet Treats likes and uses the most they responded – “We use the checklist features the most. We like that they can keep everything organized and easy to respond to. We are excited for the new features that help assign and schedule items as well. “ John Kasel – Colorado Pet Treats, Quality Assurance Manager

Reduces work time and complexity, and adds accessibility.

“FoodReady helps reduce time and complexity in filling out our programs and keeping track of filled out forms and it has reduced staffing needs, ” said John Kasel, Colorado Pet Treats, Quality Assurance Manager.

“The people at FoodReady are excellent to work with and care to get involved with your company and make it as best as it can be. FoodReady staff also helped provide training to our QA team,”

John Kase
Colorado Pet Treats Quality Assurance Manager

FoodReady Food Safety Consultants

John Kasel the Quality Assurance Manager of Colorado Pet Treats also had some very nice things to say about our food safety consultants. “The people at FoodReady, like Denice, add an excellent service to the program with their knowledge and ability to answer questions and improve the food safety programs of the clients.” “The people at FoodReady are excellent to work with and care to get involved with your company and make it as best as it can be. FoodReady staff also helped provide training to our QA team.”

FoodReady Process

Colorado Pet Treats worked with FoodReady Software and Consultants to achieve its food safety goals.

Creation of HACCP Plans and SOPs

Using the HACCP Plan Builder, FoodReady created four Food Safety Plans for various pet treats that Colorado Pet Treats produces. Following the completion of the FS Plans, Established SOPs were added to the software.

Checklists and Implementation

Checklists were built, reviewed, streamlined (eliminated duplication) and implemented within the software.

Gap Assessment

Review and assessment of Colorado's existing Food Safety Program, including SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and Recall Plans. Food Ready assisted in streamlining procedures by eliminating duplication and overlap in their current processes.

Process Validation

Food Ready provided guidance and resources for Colorado Pet Treats in the validation of process controls surrounding the heat treatment step in the production of jerky pet treats.

Food Safety Implementation and Staff Training

Food Ready Assisted the Quality Control staff with training and implementation of the software. Training of the QC staff on the completion and verification of checklists.

Internal Auditing Help

FoodReady worked closely with the Quality Control Staff to develop an internal auditing program in addition to verification and validation activities using the Task Scheduler within the FoodReady Software.

Successful SQF Audit

Colorado Pet Treats passed their SQF audit with only 2 minor findings which was an improvement over the previous year’s audit.

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