Why FoodReady Food Safety Software is Necessary for FSMA rule 204

Saro Loucks
Saro Loucks

Last updated: January 24, 2024

Why FoodReady Food Safety Software is Necessary for FSMA rule 204

I wrote an earlier article about FDA FSMA rule 204 which is all about FOOD TRACEABILITY.

And here I am again telling you why FoodReady’s food safety software is what you need, especially for the Food Safety Modernization Act or FSMA. Having all your documents in one place makes mock recalls and food traceability easier.

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FoodReady is a cloud-based solution for food safety management, traceability, and reporting.

FoodReady is a cloud-based solution for food safety management, traceability, and reporting. Our food safety software is designed to help you achieve compliance with FSMA rule 204. 

      • We have a HACCP builder because every food safety system needs a great HACCP plan.

      • FoodReady has operation (SOP) checklists that you can customize to make sure your employees are following your SOPs and you can see when they are not following them. 

      • In our software, you can easily configure and run batches based off of the compliance or certification requirements established from your HACCP/PCP plan to track CCP logs and quality and food safety checklists.  You can also formulate recipes and associate them with batch runs as a Bill of Materials list to establish supplier lot traceability.   Manage sales & purchase orders, qty on hand, and more with the inventory management database.  

      • Manage your lot traceability with shipping and receiving logs.  These logs are also associated with sales and purchase orders to track the inventory coming in from suppliers and going out to customers.  

      • This software allows you to create mock recalls which are required at least annually by FSMA rule 204. Develop recall plans and practice mock recalls which can be triggered by product complaint tracking.  The recall system is associated with lot numbers stored in the inventory database. 

      • You can collect and store documentation from suppliers of your ingredients using our software. You can use FoodReady’s online supplier management system to request and upload supplier files in one easy step. Simply select which files you’d like to request, and then FoodReady will send an email to your supplier on your behalf, at which time they can upload the file directly to your account. This is where FoodReady excels! We make it easy to keep track of your supplier documents by associating them with sales orders, purchase orders, shipping and receiving logs, and more.

    FoodReady has the combination of expertise and experience needed to provide you with a solution that meets your unique needs. With our Enterprise Solution, you have access to a FDA consultant that can work with you to handle any FSMA hurdles.

    I hope this article has given you a better understanding of why food safety management software is so important for complying with FSMA rule 204. FoodReady provides you with all the tools you need to meet this new regulation, but more importantly, it allows you to focus on what really matters: running a successful business.


    FSMA 204 FAQs:

    There are certain small farms and certain produce growers that are not subject to FSMA 204, however it is complicated and best to read this document.

    FSMA was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2011. 

    FSMA was created by the FDA as a way to reform the United States food safety laws. 


    FSMA Rule 204 mandates written plans, preventive processes, and procedures for FDA-registered food facilities. Its goal is to prevent intentional adulteration, ensuring protection against contamination and threats. The rule also covers monitoring, mitigation, and incident response.

    FSMA Rule 204 defines a hostile act as intentional food contamination causing widespread harm to people, animals, or the environment. This includes acts like terrorism, sabotage, arson, and other intentional contaminations.

    If a food facility suspects intentional adulteration, it should promptly report any suspicious activity to the FDA and other relevant authorities.

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