What is a BRC audit? How to pass a BRC audit?

Saro Loucks

Saro Loucks

November 4, 2022

What is a BRC Audit and how to pass it?

A BRC (British Retail Consortium) food safety audit is an international standard, implemented as a questionnaire, to check for compliance in food production. BRC audits help businesses meet the latest requirements of the BRC standard #8. The audits can be announced or unannounced which ensures that the companies producing food follow good practices every day, not just prior to audits. The updated BRC standard #9 will be published in August 2022. FoodReady.ai has expert food safety consultants that can help you prepare for a BRC audit, SQF audit, perform mock audits, do a gap analysis, and write HACCP plans.

The BRC is a global uniform food standard that was developed to verify food safety and quality based on these factors – safety, quality, and operational criteria. The BRC is used by retailers, restaurateurs, and food manufacturers to evaluate their suppliers and keep ingredients and food products safe for the consumer. The BRC ensures that the food industry’s required legal regulations and consumer protection measures are complied with.

As you can see preparing for a BRC audit is a daunting task and employing FoodReady and our food safety software, HACCP builder and/or one of our food safety consultants can substantially lessen your quality assurance workload.

FoodReady.ai can also help you with your other food safety needs such as – GFSI, SQF, BRC, HACCP, GMP, CGMP, Costco audit, Whole Foods audit, Walmart AUDIT, KROGER AUDIT, PUBLIX, AUDIT, SAFEWAY AUDIT, or HEB AUDIT.

What are the Requirements for the BRC Standard?

The ten main requirements you must follow for the BRC standard are listed below:

  1. Your business is continually improving safety and quality.
  2. You have a detailed food safety plan in place. (HACCP, SQF, GMP)
  3. You conduct regular internal audits.
  4. You have a structured organization of your suppliers.
  5. You track and document ingredients from suppliers.
  6. You employ appropriate and effective hygiene regulations
  7. You carefully separate all known allergens.
  8. You provide a facility layout, floor plan, and organization.
  9. All your food products are correctly labeled.
  10. You provide food safety training for your employees.

Whether you just need to write your own HACCP plan with the help of our food safety software, pass an SQF, GFSI, Costco Audit, or GMP audit or you need a food safety professional to step in as your “in-house” professional, foodready.ai has what you need.

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