Food Safety Software for Food Recall Management

Saro Loucks

Saro Loucks

November 15, 2022

Food Safety Software for Food Recall Management

An important part of FSMA, FSMA rule 204, and food safety management is the ability to easily prepare for mock and real-life food recalls. 

FoodReady is a food safety software solution for all sizes of food businesses. With FoodReady, you can manage your preventive controls, track critical control points (CCPs), and even run mock recalls to make sure your employees are prepared in case there’s a real-life FDA recall.

FoodReady software helps food businesses stay on top of FSMA requirements, especially rule 204 (food traceability).

FSMA is a set of regulations designed to improve the safety of the food supply. In order to comply with these regulations, you need to be able to track your products’ movement through your supply chain. With FoodReady, you can do just that!

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued FSMA in 2011 in response to several outbreaks attributed to contaminated foods. This legislation aims to prevent contamination by improving food safety practices across industry lines: producers and processors must verify that their processes are safe before they’re allowed out into commerce; retailers must ensure that they don’t sell anything unsafe (and they need proof); restaurants have more responsibility when it comes time for inspection.

In short, FSMA sets new rules for how anyone who touches your food—from farm workers all the way up through distribution centers—should conduct themselves when it comes time for shipping or storage. 

Please refer to this FDA flow chart to see if your product is affected by rule 204 which was implemented November of 2022.

FoodReady food safety software can assist with product recalls and mock recalls.

FoodReady software can assist with product recalls and mock recalls.

Mock recalls are required by FSMA, and they’re the best way for companies to test their recall procedures.

Mock recalls help companies get ready for real recalls, which is important since most foodborne illnesses are caused by contaminated products that were sold to consumers before they were recalled.

A mock recall is also an opportunity to learn from mistakes made during a mock recall exercise and improve your company’s overall ability to handle an actual recall in the future.

FoodReady food safety software includes a preventive critical control plan for ingredient suppliers.

FoodReady food safety software includes a preventive critical control plan for ingredient suppliers. The software allows you to generate a preventive critical control plan (PCCP) for your ingredient suppliers, which is an important part of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Preventive Controls Rule.

The PCCP helps you take specific actions in order to prevent problems or errors in handling foods at the source before they reach your facility. This means that if something happens with one of your ingredients, such as E. coli contamination, you can quickly identify it and take steps to prevent further issues from arising by contacting all relevant parties involved in production and distribution—including farmers and other suppliers—and putting them on notice about what happened so they can begin investigating themselves or make changes accordingly.

FoodReady tracks CCPs and Critical Limits to help prevent a product recall.

FoodReady tracks Critical Control Points (CCPs) and Critical Limits to help prevent a product recall. A CCP is any point in the production process that requires control to prevent food contamination, such as temperature or humidity. A Critical Limit is the maximum or minimum values that must be met for a CCP to be effective. For example, if your company has a CCP for water quality, then its critical limit would be water purity or cleanliness. With our mobile app your employees can track actions taken at each CCP and follow checklists and SOPs.

FoodReady helps you track these points on each of your products by mapping them out in detail on our web-based software platform. This allows you to know exactly what’s happening at each stage of production and make adjustments when necessary—or even stop production altogether if you find something wrong with one of your ingredients.

You can manage all of your inventory, batch, lot, and shipping records in our software so it’s all in one place which makes your product easy to find if it’s affected by a recall. 

FoodReady food safety software is an affordable solution for food processing companies, helping them keep up with FSMA regulations and reduce the risk of a product recall.

FoodReady is a cost-effective solution that helps food processors comply with FSMA regulations and reduce the risk of product recalls. The software can be used by large, medium or smaller operations to track thousands of records across multiple facilities in real-time.

FoodReady’s Enterprise solution provides our food safety software along with food safety consulting from our quality assurance professionals who can help you understand how to use the system and keep it up-to-date with new requirements such as FSMA and other regulations as they come down from the FDA or USDA. This is an affordable option for companies that need tools for recall management but don’t have time or resources in house to develop them on their own. Our software and food safety consultants can also prepare your business for any 3rd-party food safety audit such as SQF, GFSI, BRC or Costco Audit.

FoodReady food safety software is a solution for all sizes of food businesses. Whether you’re starting out or growing, we have the technology and resources to help your business succeed. We can assist with all FSMA requirements, including product recalls and mock recalls. 

FoodReady is a food safety software and consulting company. Our software has a HACCP builder, food traceability, you can create your own checklists to manage your HACCP plan or track other items, ingredients, tasks, or events. With our Enterprise program you will have access to food safety quality assurance professionals who can help you with GFSI, SQF, GMP, SOP, BRC, CGMP, HACCP, gap analysis, or prepare for audits like the Costco audit, the Whole Foods audit, Publix audit, Kroger audit, Safeway audit, Meier audit, HEB audit and more. We are offering a free 14-day trial FoodReady of our food safety software. 

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