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2023 FDA Food Recalls

Saro Loucks

Saro Loucks

February 28, 2023

Environmental monitoring in food safety.

2023 FDA Food Recalls

Does something in your fridge seem “not quite right”?  Or maybe you are you a food manufacturer and want to see if any recent recalls are affecting your suppliers or competition? Either way, please check out our list of 2023 FDA food recalls.

FDA Food Recalls Happen For Several Reasons

1. Undeclared Allergens

This happens when a company does not list an allergen included in their product on the product label. Omitting an allergen from your label can trigger a countrywide recall forcing stores to pull your product from their shelves. Some allergens such as peanuts and nuts can be life threatening and if you fail to list these on your label can cause serious health issues. Other allergens such as wheat and soy might not trigger an anaphylactic response, but exposing sensitive people to allergens can negatively affect their health and your reputation as a company. 

Always check your labeling before sending a product to market to make sure all allergens are listed accurately. 

Products without allergens can sometimes be exposed to allergens during production due to poor allergen containment or mixing errors. This is one of the reasons a HACCP plan needs to be in place so accidents like these rarely happen. 

2. Biological Contamination

Sometimes during food production, storage, distribution or any other step in-between biological pathogens can be introduced. Bacterias, viruses, molds and parasites are all biological hazards.

3. Chemical Contamination

Chemicals that are used in the production of food like machine sanitizers and oils can sometimes be introduced into the food being processed.

4. Physical Hazards

Physical hazards like pieces of metal from machinery or glass from broken packaging are examples of physical hazards.

5. Adulteration of Foods

This is usually because of fraud. Here’s an interesting article about adulterated spices that were tested in the European Union.

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List of 2023 Food Recalls

March 2023


Kirkland Frozen Organic Whole Strawberries – March 16, 2023

California Splendor Inc. is recalling certain lots of their organic frozen strawberries due to an outbreak of Hepatitis A. 

Source FDA

 Scarpetta Brand Pink Pesto – March 16, 2023

The company recalled 906 units of pesto because of a possibility of undeclared pine nuts in the pesto. 

Source FDA

 Strawberry Granola & Greek Yogurt Parfait Bar – March 14, 2023

Clio Snacks announced a recall of their Strawberry Granola & Greek Yogurt Parfait Bars because of possible contamination with Listeria. 

Source FDA

Daiso Various Fish and Nut Snacks – March 3, 2023

Daiso of California is recalling various prepackaged fish and nut snacks due to undeclared allergens. 

Source FDA

 Tapas Branded Cocktail Shrimp – March 1, 2023

Lidl US is recalling all it’s 7 oz. packages of Tapas Branded Cocktail Shrimp due to possible contamination by Listeria. 

Source FDA

February 2023

Seasoned Fisheries and Seasoned Vegetable Products – Feb 28, 2023

Lemonland Food Corp seasoned fisheries and seasoned vegetable products are being recalled due to undeclared allergens.

Source FDA

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups – Feb 28, 2023

Russel Stover is recalling two best before dates of it’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups due to undeclared pecan in it’s ingredients.

Source FDA

Geisha Medium 4 Ounce Canned Shrimp – Feb 26, 2023

One lot of the canned shrimp was recalled because of the risk of Clostridium botulinum contamination.

Seasoned Fisheries and Seasoned Vegetable Products – Feb 28, 2023

Source FDA

Taiwan Best Quality Enoki Mushrooms – Feb 24, 2023

Jan Fruits is recalling all cases of it’s 7.05 oz. packages of enoki mushrooms due to possible listeria contamination. 

Source FDA

 Rao’s Homemade Brand Roasted Red Peppers – Feb 21, 2023

Sunny Dell Foods is recalling 12 oz. jars of the red peppers due to undeclared pine nuts. 

Source FDA 

Chukar Cherry Bombs – Feb 21, 2023

Chukar Cherry is recalling a limited number of their cherry bombs due to undeclared hazelnuts. 

Source FDA

Enfamil Prosobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula in 12.9 oz containers – Feb 20, 2023

Two batches of infant formula were recalled due to a possibility of cross-contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii.

Source FDA

“Sss Enoki Mushroom” and “K-Fresh Mushroom” – Feb 16, 2023

Xin Ao International Group Corp is recalling its 200 grams packages of “Sss Enoki Mushroom” and “K-Fresh Mushroom”, because it is potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Source FDA

Favorite Day branded Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels – Feb 14, 2023

A voluntary recall was announced by Geneva, Illinois based Silvestri Sweets Inc. Their 8 ounce bags of Favorite Day branded Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels with Nonpareils were recalled because they may contain an undeclared tree nut.

Source FDA

Shirakiku brand Spice Seasoning – Feb 14, 2023

“Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc.,  is recalling 10.58 oz packages of Shirakiku brand Spice Seasoning products (Spice Ichimi Togarashi 300g and Spice Shichimi Togarashi 300g). The labeling was switched and there are undeclared allergens in some of their products. 

Source FDA

Various Daiso Manufactured Snacks – Feb 13, 2023

Daiso California LLC of La Mirada, CA is recalling a long list of snacks because of undeclared allergens.

Source FDA 

Pilgrim’s Candy and Snack Products – Feb 6, 2023

Pilgrim’s Roasted Nut’Z of North Plains, Oregon is recalling several candy and snack products due to undeclared allergens.

Source FDA

Daiso of California Assorted Snacks – Feb 3, 2023

Various Daiso snacks contain undeclared allergens of soybeans and milk.

Source FDA

Ready-to-eat sandwiches and other products- Feb 3, 2023

Fresh Ideation Food Group is recalling products due to possible listeria contamination. 

Source FDA

Back to Nature Fudge Mint Cookies – Feb 1, 2023

B&G Foods recalls three cases of cookies because of an ingredient supplied by a third party could be contaminated with the allergen peanuts.

Source FDA

January 2023

“Brooklyn Bean Peanut Butter Cup Hot Cocoa”, “Pingo Peanut Butter Cookie Hot Chocolate” and “Cold Stone Peanut Butter Cup Perfection” – Jan 30, 2023

Two rivers coffee coffee pods are being recalled due to undeclared allergen of peanuts from a raw ingredient. The supplier of the ingredient did not disclose the presence of peanuts.

Source FDA

Matsunaga Mini Shiruko Sand Biscuits – Jan 30, 2023

Daiso is recalling Matsunaga Mini Shiruko Sand Biscuits due to undeclared soy. 

Source FDA

Rao’s Chicken and Gnocchi Soup – Jan 27, 2023

Sovo’s Brands is recalling a limited number of 16 oz. jars of Chicken and Gnocchi Soup because the jars may contain an undeclared allergen, egg. 

Source FDA

Ube Spanish Bread, Ube Ensaymada, and Ube Roll – Jan 26, 2023

Joy Joy’s bakery is recalling Ube Spanish Bread, Ube Ensaymada, and Ube Roll because of undeclared allergen wheat.

Source FDA 

Almondy Chocolate Cake with Daim – Jan 25, 2023

Almondy is recalling a limited quantity of their Chocolate Cake with Daim as a precaution because a piece of metal was found in one of their cakes. 

Source FDA

Drizzilicious Mini Rice Cake Bites and Drizzled Popcorn – Jan 25, 2023

Snack Innovations is recalling several batches of Drizzilicious Mini Rice Cake Bites and Drizzilicious Drizzled Popcorn because of an undeclared peanut residue. 

Source FDA

Several Flavors and Brands of Coffee and Hot Chocolate Pods – Jan 23, 2023

Corim industries recalled several lots and brands – Cocoa de Aroma, Smart Sips, Jersey Charm, and Colonial Coffee, coffee and hot chocolate pods because they contain undeclared peanuts. 

Source FDA

Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almond & Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cashew – Jan 23, 2023

SkinnyDipped recalled a limited quantity of SkinnyDipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almond 3.5oz and SkinnyDipped Dark Chocolate Caramel Cashew 3.5 due to undeclared peanut from an ingredient supplied from a raw material supplier. 

Source FDA

Alfalfa Sprouts – Jan 19, 2023

Fullei Fresh is recalling Alfalfa Sprouts due to the detection of Shiga toxin producing E.coli. 

Source FDA

Enoki Mushrooms – Jan 13, 2023

Utopia foods is recalling 200g packages of Enoki Mushrooms because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Source FDA

H-E-B Meal Simple Chocolate Chunk Brownie – Jan 11, 2023

Ameripack foods is recalling 976 pounds of brownies due to undeclared soy and egg. 

Source FDA

Assorted Tohato and Kashiwado Snacks – Jan 10, 2023

Daiso is recalling assorted Tohato and Kashiwado snacks due to undeclared allergens. 

Source FDA

Avery’s Savory Popcorn – Jan 3, 2023

Avery’s Savory Popcorn is recalling all of their flavors due to undeclared allergens. 

Source FDA

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