Published May 25, 2024

Best Food Manufacturing Software

Are you looking for food manufacturing software for food safety? Employing a food safety software system will save you time and money while improving the quality and safety of your processed food.
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What is Food Safety Software in Manufacturing?

Food safety software in manufacturing refers to technology solutions that assist food manufacturers in managing and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and standards. It provides tools for documenting, tracking, and analyzing critical aspects of food safety, such as hazard analysis, preventive controls, sanitation measures, quality assurance, and traceability.

Discover how food safety software can help food manufacturers ensure safety and compliance.


01. FoodReady

Free version: 14-day free trial available

Pricing: Contact FoodReady for more information

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, and Android

Why use FoodReady?

FoodReady is a comprehensive food manufacturing software that offers several benefits like Streamlined Operations, Compliance Management, Quality Control and Scalability.

FoodReady Features:

  • Recipe Management: Allows manufacturers to store and manage all their recipes in one place.
  • Inventory Management: Helps manufacturers keep track of their inventory levels, including raw materials and finished products.
  • Quality Control: Ensures that all products meet the required quality standards.
  • Compliance Management: FoodReady software has all the features you need to maintain compliance with FDA, FSMA, USDA, as well as certifications like GFSI, SQF, and GMP.
  • Checklists: Customizable checklists help manufacturers plan virtually any part of the food production process.
  • Traceability: Provide full traceability for all products, from raw materials to finished products per FSMA rule 204.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides manufacturers with insights into their operations, helping them make data-driven decisions using real-time data.
  • Supplier Management Software: Helps manufacturers manage their relationships with suppliers, including tracking supplier performance and food managing manufacturing contracts.
  • Document Management: Cloud-based system keeps your records accessible and retrievable.

02. Intelex

Free version: Available

Pricing: Contact Intelex for more information

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, and Android

Why use Intelex?

Intelex offers a food safety management solution for managing HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plans, tracking compliance with food safety standards, conducting risk assessments, managing corrective actions, and analyzing data for continuous improvement.

Intelex Features:

  1. Compliance Tracking
  2. Risk Assessment and Document Control
  3. CAPA, Incident Management and Analytics

03. ETQ Reliance

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact ETQ Reliance for more information

Platforms supported: Web, Android, iOS

Why use ETQ Reliance?

EtQ Reliance is a versatile quality management software that includes food safety modules specifically designed for food and beverage manufacturers.

ETQ Reliance Features:

  1. HACCP Automation
  2. Compliance and Supplier Management
  3. Auditing and Inspections

04. IBM Food Trust

Free version: Available

Pricing: Contact IBM Food Trust for more information

Platforms supported: Web

Why use IBM Food Trust?

IBM Food Trust is a blockchain-powered food safety software solution that enables end-to-end traceability and transparency in the food supply chain.

IBM Food Trust Features:

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Waste Management
  3. Regulate Food Compliance


05. TraceGains

Free version: Not Available

Pricing:  Contact TraceGains  for more information

Platforms supported: Web

Why use TraceGains?

TraceGains is a cloud-based food safety software designed to simplify compliance management in the food and beverage industry.

TraceGains Features:

  1. Standardize and Centralize Critical Food Safety
  2. Manage Traceability Data

06. SafetyChain

Free version: Not Available

Pricing:  Contact SafetyChain for more information

Platforms supported: Web

Why use SafetyChain?

SafetyChain simplifies HACCP, food traceability and quality management in mid-market food producers.

SafetyChain Features:

  1. Quality and Production Management
  2. Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  3. Compliance and Audit Management

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is HACCP, and why is it important in food manufacturing?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a systematic approach to identify, evaluate, and control food safety hazards in order to prevent foodborne illnesses.

How can I ensure compliance with food safety regulations in my manufacturing facility?

Staying updated on relevant food safety regulations such as FSMA, GFSI, and FDA guidelines, implementing a food safety management system, conducting regular audits, maintaining proper documentation, providing employee training, and monitoring and documenting adherence to food safety protocols are key to ensure compliance.

What are some common food safety risks in manufacturing, and how can they be mitigated?

Cross-contamination, inadequate temperature control, improper cleaning and sanitation, allergen cross-contact, and ineffective pest control are risks that can be mitigated through proper separation of production lines, strict temperature monitoring, robust sanitation protocols, clear allergen management procedures, and regular pest control measures.

How can I ensure traceability of ingredients and products in my manufacturing facility?

The time required to develop a HACCP plan can take days, weeks or sometimes months, depending on factors such as the complexity of your operations, the size of your business, and the availability of necessary information. Working with a HACCP plan company can help streamline the process and ensure efficient completion.

What steps should I take to prevent contamination during the manufacturing process?

Yes, some checklist makers offer inventory management features such as barcode scanning, inventory tracking, expiration date management, and stock level monitoring.

How can technology and software help improve food safety in manufacturing?

Technology and software can automate and streamline HACCP plan management, compliance tracking, incident management, supplier management, and training management; some software can provide real-time data, enable proactive monitoring, and facilitate efficient documentation and reporting.

What should I do in the event of a product recall or food safety incident?

It is important to have a recall plan in place that includes identifying the affected products, notifying the relevant authorities and customers, conducting investigations to identify the root cause, implementing corrective actions, and communicating transparently with stakeholders throughout the process.

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