My Experience With HACCP Plan Food Safety Education

Saro Loucks

Saro Loucks

August 29, 2023

One of my duties here at FoodReady food safety software is to write blog articles about food safety. So I do spend a lot of time researching food safety and different food safety systems and I have learned a lot. As part of my research I learned that a HACCP plan is the center of a successful food safety system, like SQF, GFSI, GMP, and BRC. Because of this, it only made sense that I get HACCP certified to truly understand what a HACCP plan is and how to build one correctly using our HACCP builder. My coworker suggested that I contact BD Food Safety. I learn best in person and I was able to attend their two day HACCP certification training in Naperville Illinois. They also offer online LIVE training if travel to the Midwest doesn’t work for you. Anyway, I thought the course was excellent, and I would like to share my experience.

First, they measured our starting knowledge.

As part of the training our instructor first had us take a short evaluation to see the level of knowledge in our class. Our class contained mostly people working in quality assurance at food manufacturing facilities, but like me there were a few people who needed training because they needed HACCP plan knowledge for other reasons like sales etc. My starting knowledge was pretty good since I do a lot of reading about food safety, but this course drove the information home in a way that made it stick!

We learned the 7 principles of a HACCP plan and how to build a HACCP plan.

After we took the quiz, we started learning about the 7 principles of a HACCP plan in detail. I liked the BD Food Safety Consulting approach because the information was presented in several ways and we had group exercises which for me is the best way to learn new material is by “doing”, rather than just listening. I also learned more about the food manufacturing business and really enjoyed getting to know the other attendees. 

We had a final exam and I am proud to say that I had a perfect score and am now HACCP plan certified! Thank you BD Food Safety! is a food safety software and consulting company. Our software has a HACCP builder, food traceability, you can create your own checklists to manage your HACCP plan or track other items, ingredients, tasks, or events. With our Enterprise program you will have access to food safety quality assurance professionals who can help you with GFSI, SQF, GMP, SOP, BRC, CGMP, HACCP, USDA, FDA FSMA, gap analysis, or prepare for audits like the Costco audit, the Whole Foods audit, Publix audit, Kroger audit, Safeway audit, Meier audit, HEB audit and more. We are offering a free 14-day trial FoodReady of our food safety software. 

In this article

In this article

Saro Loucks

Saro Loucks

HACCP Certified, food safety enthusiast.

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