Published July 11, 2024

Best SQF Certification Companies

Getting SQF-certified requires much effort and patience; managing it alone can lead to unwanted mistakes and a slow process. Delegating the task to a certification company will make audit preparation a breeze. Check out what companies and accredited certification bodies can help you get SQF-certified.
SQF certification companies

What Is SQF Certification?

SQF certification is evidence that a product is produced according to stringent standards. A set of industry-specific SQF codes enables companies to follow the guidelines to prepare for the audit and ensure product compliance and safety.

How To Prepare To Get SQF-Certified?

According to SQFI, to get certified, companies need to learn about the Code, register for SQF certification, prepare for the audit, schedule and conduct it, and then renew the certification.

How Can SQF Certification Companies Help Get Certified?

Hired professionals will guide you through the process from preparation to succeeding in the SQF audit and getting a certificate. You will avoid mistakes, missed points, and stress if you ask for help from a certification body or company that cooperates with them.

Make SQF audit preparation a breeze with professional help.


01. FoodReady

Free version: 14-day free trial available

Pricing: Contact FoodReady for more information

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, and Android

Why use FoodReady?

FoodReady is a software and consulting company that supports food and beverage companies in getting SQF-certified, from conducting on-site gap assessments and scheduling audits to obtaining SQF (Safe Quality Food) certifications or other GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards. FoodReady also joins forces with leading auditing firms to facilitate the certification process.

FoodReady helps businesses write SOPs, checklists, HACCP and Food Safety/Preventive Control plans, and environmental monitoring programs. Moreover, companies will benefit from using a comprehensive mobile and web application to manage SQF programs efficiently.

FoodReady Services:

  • SQF Consulting – qualified SQF consultants will provide 100% assistance with audit preparation and simplify it.
  • Cloud Software and App – you can centralize the SQF preparation process in one accessible system.
  • HACCP/PCP Plan – FoodReady‚Äôs consultants will help create and implement a HACCP plan. Also, customizable plan templates cover the process flow, hazard analysis, CCPs, and digital logs.
  • AI SOP Builder – generate standard operating procedures with the help of the AI feature.
  • Document Management – ensure proper document development following SQF requirements.
  • CAPA Management – address found non-compliance easily with software and consultant guidance.
  • Checklists – use quality and operational checklists for various purposes and replace regular spreadsheets.
  • Environmental Monitoring – develop your environmental monitoring program with ease.
  • Gap Assessment – let FoodReady specialists find areas for improvement before the SQF audit.
  • Traceability and Recall – manage lot traceability with shipping and receiving logs.
  • Risk Assessment – monitor, predict, and prevent potential risks while preparing for audit.
  • Inventory Management – the feature helps associate logs with sales and purchase orders to track the inventory.
  • Monitoring – the feature allows tracking of CCPs, operational monitoring programs, and everything in your facility.
  • Reporting and Analytics – get invaluable insights into your daily operations and audit-related processes.
  • Testing – FoodReady cooperates with 3rd-party laboratories for prompt and informed lab testing.

ASI logo

02. ASI

Why use ASI?

ASI is a food safety auditing, training, and consulting company that has established itself as a farm-to-fork food safety solutions provider. ASI is an accredited auditor for SQF, FSSC 22000, and BRCGS standards and offers its support for food and beverage, dietary supplement, consumer goods, and cannabis industries.

ASI Services:

  1. SQF Consulting
  2. Auditing
  3. Training

03. SGS

Why use SGS?

SGS is a leading testing, inspection, and certification company. With a network of over 2,650 offices and laboratories worldwide, SGS fosters a safer, better, and more interconnected world and strives to make businesses faster, simpler, and more efficient.

SGS Services:

  1. Food Audit and Certification
  2. Training
  3. Regulatory Compliance and Advisory Services
  4. Testing

04. NSF

Why use NSF?

NSF is a global independent organization that works to improve human health and safeguard the world’s food, water, consumer products, and environment. By testing, auditing, and certifying products and services and facilitating the development of public health standards, NSF has become integral to ensuring safety and promoting well-being worldwide.

NSF Services:

  1. Auditing and Certification
  2. Labs and Testing
  3. Training
  4. Consulting

05. AIB

Why use AIB?

AIB International supports food and beverage supply chain companies in applying robust integrity standards and continuously improving their food safety practices. The organization dedicates itself to delivering safe, high-quality food. It is trusted by the central food safety authorities to certify businesses for safety, cleanliness, and positive impact on customer health.

AIB Services:

  1. Training
  2. SQF Certification
  3. Consulting
  4. Inspections

MeŐĀrieux logo

06. Merieux

Why use Merieux?

With 50 years of experience, Merieux addresses the food industry’s needs, offering innovative solutions to enhance food safety, health, and sustainability.

The company offers holistic services thanks to its expertise in chemistry, training, auditing, research, labeling, and sensory analysis. Merieux supports its clients every step of the way, contributing to global public health.

Merieux Services:

  1. Auditing
  2. Training
  3. Digital Tools
  4. Consultancy and Labeling
  5. Chemistry Food Testing

07. FSNS

Why use FSNS?

FSNS Certification & Audit division offers food safety certifications (SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000), livestock audits (Value Added – Process Verified), and animal welfare audits nationwide. Additionally, its Lab+ division conducts process validations, shelf-life studies, challenge studies, and other contract research to serve various food and beverage manufacturers.

FSNS Services:

  1. Certification and Audit
  2. Contract Research
  3. Testings and Labeling
  4. Food Safety Training


08. Eurofins

Why use Eurofins?

Companies can address Eurofins if they strive to establish efficient food management systems and processes to guarantee food safety and quality. The company’s extensive network in North America offers recognized, accredited certification and auditing services focusing on food safety management systems, enhancing operational efficiency, minimizing risks and costs, and protecting brand reputation.

Eurofins Services:

  1. Certification Audits
  2. Consulting
  3. Gap Assessment
  4. HACCP Control Plan
  5. Labeling
  6. Training and e-Learning

09. QIMA/WQS (formerly known as WQS)

Why use QIMA/WQS?

QIMA/WQS has been approved by government entities and food retailers as a solution provider for the food industry. The company’s services include GFSI-recognized certifications (BRCGS, GLOBALG.A.P., SQF, IFS), food safety and ethical audits, quality seals, inspections, training, and supply chain management.

QIMA/WQS Services:

  1. SQF Certification
  2. Quality Inspections
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Training

10. Perry Johnson Registrars

Why use Perry Johnson Registrars?

PJRFSI’s scope of accreditation covers a wide range of SQF Codes. PJRFSI maintains professionalism, technical skills, and integrity throughout the audits. The company complies with global standards and regulations and promotes continuous improvement to clients, auditors, employees, and all stakeholders in the food chain.

Perry Johnson Registrars Services:

  1. Virtual Pre-Assessments
  2. Supplier Audits
  3. E-learning

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SQFI?

SQFI stands for Safe Quality Food Institute. It works to deliver recognized worldwide food safety and quality programs.

How much does it cost to get SQF certified?

The price will depend, but you can see SQFI’s site registration pricing.

Why get SQF certified?

One of the reasons to get certified is that SQF certification will prove your commitment to food safety practices and brand integrity.

How are SQF and GFSI related?

SQF is a GFSI-recognized food safety standard.

Is SQF better than BRC?

They are somewhat different: BRC is more suitable for retail and widespread in the UK, whereas SQF can be applied to a broader range of food businesses.

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