Published May 27, 2024

Best Meat Distribution Software

Meat as a perishable product must be monitored and handled strictly according to food safety regulations and standards. Implementing meat distribution software enables effective monitoring, operations management, and fulfillment of food safety compliance regulations.

What Is Meat Distribution Software?

Meat distribution software is a centralized platform that helps ensure meat traceability, safety, compliance, and more. It includes various features, from lot tracking to monitoring and analytics, covering the most significant needs of meat companies.

Discover the solutions that will help distribute safe meat products.


01. FoodReady

Free version: 14-day free trial available

Pricing: Contact FoodReady for more information

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, and Android

Why use FoodReady?

FoodReady meat distribution software is an indispensable tool for meat distributors. It provides functionality for complete traceability, quality control, temperature monitoring, etc. This all-in-one solution will automate and digitize meat distribution operations. 

FoodReady Features:

  • Lot Traceability – enables effortless batch, lot, and expiration date tracking.
  • Inventory Management – track inventory levels easily.
  • Receiving & Purchase Orders – allows effective purchase order tracking.
  • Recall Management – the feature will help tackle FDA recalls, conduct mock recalls, and create recall plans.
  • Document Manager – enables document control and digitalization.
  • Reporting and Analytics – the software provides real-time insights.
  • Supplier Approval & Automated Doc Requests – the supplier document request program automates email management, document requests, and reviews.
  • Task Manager – enables easy task organization and scheduling.
  • Temperature Monitoring – Bluetooth thermometer integration helps track temperatures effectively.
  • Quality Management – the feature ensures proper quality control and quality assurance.


02. Acctivate

Free version: Free trial available

Pricing: Contact Acctivate to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web, Windows, Android

Why use Acctivate?

Acctivate software guarantees proper inventory management, traceability, cost reduction, and more.

Acctivate Features:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Traceability
  3. Forecasting
  4. Order Management

DistributionPlus by CP Tech

03. DistributionPlus by CP Tech

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact CP Tech to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use DistributionPlus?

The software will serve as a distribution and ERP platform for meat distributors to run their businesses.

DistributionPlus Features:

  1. Lot Traceability
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Document Management
  4. Reporting and Analytics


04. FreshByte

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact FreshByte to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, Android

Why use FreshByte?

FreshByte meat and poultry distribution software helps improve profits and prevent meat spoilage.

FreshByte Features:

  1. Inventory Control
  2. Traceability
  3. Receiving

05. Aptean

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Aptean to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use Aptean?

It is a meat distribution software solution that will alleviate the most demanding industry challenges.

Aptean Features:

  1. Lot Traceability
  2. Warehousing and Inventory
  3. Reporting and Analytics
  4. Quality

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a meat wholesaler?

Meat wholesalers provide meat products to food businesses at wholesale prices. They are also called meat wholesale distributors.

How is meat packaged?

The type of meat packaging depends on the kind of meat. For example, fresh meat can be vacuum sealed, wrapped in paper at the butcher, and sold frozen.

How is meat transported?

The meat must be chilled or frozen and properly packaged to prevent contamination and spoilage. It has to be transported in refrigerated trucks or boxes.

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