Published May 27, 2024

Best Chocolate ERP Software

Chocolate is one of the most sold food and beverage products, and it’s vital to keep the product quality and operational efficiency at the highest level. Implementing ERP software will enable chocolate businesses to streamline operations, improve profitability, and enhance chocolate safety and quality.

What Is Chocolate ERP Software?

Chocolate ERP software is tailored for chocolate manufacturers, producers, or distributors. It streamlines the operations and improves overall efficiency.

How Does Chocolate ERP Software Tackle the Challenges of Chocolate Production?

Chocolate ERP software is equipped to meet various needs. For example, it quickly addresses batch management, recipe formulation, regulatory compliance, and temperature-sensitive production processes. Overall, ERP software facilitates the majority of processes.

Streamline chocolate production, boost profitability, and improve compliance with chocolate ERP solutions.


01. FoodReady

Free version: 14-day free trial available

Pricing: Contact FoodReady for more information

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, and Android

Why use FoodReady?

FoodReady is an ERP solution that will be helpful for chocolate manufacturers, processors, distributors, and retailers. With this ERP software, you will ensure chocolate safety and compliance, digitize and centralize the workflow, and won’t need any other solution.

FoodReady Features:

  • HACCP Builder: Create a chocolate HACCP plan and successfully implement it.
  • AI SOP Generator: AI assistant is used to automate the creation of standard operating procedures.
  • Inventory Management: Optimizes inventory levels, tracks expiry dates, and predicts product demand.
  • Quality Control: Ensures robust quality control and quality assurance processes.
  • Document Management: Go paperless and facilitate recordkeeping.
  • Supplier Management: Oversees supplier performance, requests and verifies documents, and manages the ingredient supply chain.
  • Checklists: Create quality and operational checklists for effective monitoring.
  • Traceability: Tracks and traces lots and batches effortlessly.
  • Recipe Management: Create, configure, and control chocolate recipes.
  • CCP Monitoring: Identify critical control points based on your HACCP plan.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Bluetooth thermometer integrates with the system to monitor temperatures.
  • Production Planning: Configures Bills of Materials quickly and easily.
  • Receiving and Purchase Orders: Manages and tracks orders with built-in food safety features.

02. Certus Food ERP

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Certus Food ERP to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use Certus Food ERP?

Certus Food ERP will facilitate chocolate production and help meet food safety requirements.

Certus Food ERP Features:

  1. Batch Processing
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Allergen Segregation


03. Acumatica

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Acumatica to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, Android

Why use Acumatica?

Acumatica manufacturing cloud ERP software will help manage every facet of a chocolate business.

Acumatica Features:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Bill of Materials and Routing
  3. Purchase Order Management

JustFood ERP

04. JustFood ERP

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact JustFood ERP to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use JustFood ERP?

JustFood ERP software aims to enhance chocolate and confectionery industry operations.

JustFood ERP Features:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Bills of Materials

BatchMaster ERP

05. BatchMaster ERP

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact BatchMaster ERP to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use BatchMaster?

BatchMaster ERP solution will help streamline all the confectionery industry processes, including chocolate manufacturing.

BatchMaster Features:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Quality and Compliance
  3. Traceability

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can chocolate ERP software help manage cocoa sourcing and supply chain?

Yes, it can. ERP software usually includes comprehensive sourcing, logistics, and supply chain management features.

How does the software assist in maintaining the quality of chocolate products?

Most ERP software solutions offer quality control and assurance tools to improve and maintain chocolate product quality.

How does chocolate ERP software help handle product recalls?

With ERP software, recall plans can be created, mock recalls conducted, and real ones handled, minimizing financial and reputation losses.

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