Published May 22, 2024

Best Cannabis Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is an essential facet of a highly-regulated cannabis industry. Manual control requires much effort and can lead to mistakes. Optimize your cannabis inventory by implementing a digital solution.

What Is Cannabis Inventory Management?

Cannabis inventory management is the process of monitoring, tracking, and managing stock in the cannabis supply chain. Inventory management aims to maintain optimal stock levels and reduce costs and waste. It is one of the most crucial features of any cannabis software.

Why Do Cannabis Businesses Need Inventory Management Software?

Digital software automates inventory management processes, streamlining them and eliminating the risks of human-made mistakes. The software also centralizes the whole workflow, making it easy to manage all the processes from one platform but in different facilities.

Check out the best software to optimize cannabis inventory levels.


01. FoodReady

Free version: 14-day free trial available

Pricing: Contact FoodReady for more information

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, and Android

Why use FoodReady?

FoodReady aims to digitize the cannabis industry operations, including inventory management optimization. With the software, cannabis businesses will control and maintain stock levels, effectively track lots and batches, and reduce waste and costs.

FoodReady Features:

  • Inventory Management – Track inventory in your facility and beyond.
  • Traceability – Full traceability of a cannabis product from seed to sale.
  • Lot and Batch Control – Trace lots and batches according to your HACCP plan.
  • Production Planning – Configure bills for materials easily.
  • Document Management – Go paperless, digitizing cannabis inventory-related documents.
  • Checklists – Operational checklists will help better manage inventory operations.
  • Compliance Management – Control inventory according to compliance regulations.
  • Supplier Management – Manage suppliers and use supplier approval & automated doc requests.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Get real-time inventory-related insights.
  • Monitoring – Monitor processes, important inventory aspects, etc.

02. Katana

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Katana to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use Katana?

Katana inventory management software tracks batches and optimizes the processes, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and transparency in the cannabis industry.

Katana Features:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Traceability
  3. Barcode Scanning


03. Dutchie

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Dutchie to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use Dutchie?

Dutchie streamlines inventory management, optimizing stock levels, tracking products, and improving efficiency.

Dutchie Features:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Real-time Insights
  3. Audit

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Blue Link ERP to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one ERP solution that will help cannabis businesses streamline their inventory management.

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Bills of Materials
  3. Lot Tracking & Batch Control

05. Elevated Signals

Free version: Unavailable

Pricing: Contact Elevated Signals to get a quote

Platforms supported: Web

Why use Elevated Signals?

Elevated Signals software streamlines inventory management and tracking, ensuring efficiency and regulatory compliance of cannabis businesses.

Elevated Signals Features:

  1. Reporting
  2. Bills of Materials
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Batch and Lot Traceability

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is inventory management necessary in the cannabis industry?

Inventory management in the cannabis industry ensures efficient financial management, sufficient stock levels, compliance, quality control, and efficiency.

What are the challenges in cannabis inventory control?

The industry itself is highly regulated and has stringent requirements. It requires more attention to traceability, quality, and legal compliance.

How does cannabis inventory software ensure regulatory compliance?

The software automates tracking and ensures accuracy and transparency, making the business compliant with cannabis regulations.

What features should be in cannabis inventory management software?

The software has to include batch and lot management, compliance tracking, product traceability, reporting, monitoring, etc.

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