What Is Food Safety Certification? (And Why It Matters)

In an era where foodborne illnesses can quickly become global news, food safety has never been more critical. For businesses in the food industry, obtaining food safety certification isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a pivotal step in ensuring public health and maintaining consumer trust. This article delves into why food safety certification matters and […]

What is GFSI Certification?

What is GFSI Certification?

Have you been told by a potential buyer that your product needs to be GFSI certified? Obtaining certification for your company can be an intimidating undertaking. Let’s look at GFSI, its peculiarities, and how to make the certification process easier. What does GFSI Certification mean? Well, GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) in itself is NOT […]

What’s the Difference Between SQF And GFSI?

Has a retailer asked that your product have a food safety certification like SQF or GFSI, and you don’t understand the difference? You might have noticed that they are almost always mentioned together, and we will explain why. In this post, we’ll determine the difference between GFSI and SQF. Let’s compare their meanings and characteristics […]

What’s the Difference Between SQF and BRC?

What's the Difference Between SQF and BRC?

SQF vs BRC SQF Certification and BRC Certification are both GFSI Standards​ SQF (Safe Quality Food) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) are both internationally recognized food safety management systems that aim to provide assurance to customers about the quality and safety of food products. Both SQF and BRC are benchmarked standards of the Global Food […]

Why Do You Need a HACCP Plan for GFSI Certification?

Why HACCP Plan for GFSI Certification

Why is a HACCP Necessary for GFSI Certification? A HACCP plan is always necessary for GFSI certification, as GFSI requires that all certified sites have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system in place. This ensures safety and quality of the food produced by these certified sites. While having a HACCP plan may not […]

How to Prepare for a Costco Audit (GFSI Based)

How to Prepare for a Costco Audit (GFSI Based)

  The Costco Audit is “basically” GFSI Wouldn’t it be great to get your food products into Costco? Costco has close to 800 stores and over 200 locations outside the United States. Costco is the third largest retailer in the United States and is still growing! Just think of the income, yikes! But getting your […]

Why Should My Business Become GFSI Certified?

why should my business become GFSI Certified

As a food manufacturer, you know that food safety is a top priority. The consequences of not following food safety protocols can be severe, including product recalls, lawsuits, damage to your brand’s reputation and harm to the end consumer. That’s why it’s a great idea to have your business become GFSI certified.  One of the […]

Do You Need GFSI to Sell Pet Food at Walmart?

Do You Need GFSI to Sell Pet Food at Walmart

Do you want to get your dog food, cat food, dog treats, or cat treats sold at Walmart? Like Whole Foods, Walmart has certain expectations in the way of food safety. Let’s pretend Walmart wants to sell your dog or cat food at their stores. Besides having a good product, what do you need to get […]